• Curriculum


    The North Allegheny School District utilizes the Curriculum Review Process as a systematic means for conducting an internal and external analysis of research, curriculum, and programs to make a series of recommendations for program development with specific attention to coordination and articulation to improve student learning. The purpose of the Curriculum Review Process is to ensure a continuous cycle of learning, development, and implementation.

    The Phases of that process are:

    1. Planning
    2. Research/Study
    3. Development
    4. Implementation
    5. Evaluation
    6. Reflection



    The short-term goal of the Curriculum Review Process is to utilize findings from the Research/Study Phase to develop recommendations and create a written Report and presentation for the Superintendent and School Board. The long-term goal of this process is the development or refinement of a standards-based curriculum for every course with a sequenced unit-based curriculum that includes the unit, essential concepts, key learner objectives, content/resources, and common assessments. With the benefit of meaningful professional development, the implementation of this curriculum will result in learning and achievement for all students.


    The comprehensive summary of the Curriculum Review Process is outlined in the North Allegheny School District Curriculum Review Manual. The process is designed to evaluate the existing program, identify strengths, determine gaps or needs, and promote continuous improvement. The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum has the responsibility to lead this process and provide clear and ongoing communication to the Superintendent about the progress and focus of the group. The work is completed by a Curriculum Review Team comprised of teachers that represent each grade level, building, and/or course. Principals as also assigned to the team as a part of their annual work plan. In addition, it is often appropriate to include a special education teacher, librarian, school counselor, and/or a member of the Information Technology Department for their perspective. This group is led by the Curriculum Management Team which often consists of the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, assigned Principals, and Department Chairperson. The Curriculum Review Team is organized into subcommittees for the purpose of gathering information and research (i.e., Standards/Curriculum; Empirical Research; Data Analysis; Presenters; Seminars/Workshops; Exemplary Practices/Programs; Electronic Survey; Textbook Evaluation; Materials/Equipment/Technology; Philosophy; and Site Visitations). Recommendations from this work are made to the Superintendent.