• 2011 Star Party
         The stars were aligned last night at the 2011 N.A. Star Party:)   We had a great turn out with over 170 parents and students. The weather was fantastic and we were able to see some great night objects including Sun Spots, Moon and Saturn.   
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    sp45 sp5 sp6
     Special thanks to the:
    • Science teachers that encouraged students to attend this project. 
    • parents that brought the students to this event.
    • students that brought their own telescope to try out and share.
    • administration Steve Parks and Rachel Fields for their support of programs like this. 
    • N.A. Foundation.
    • Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh and its members- Fred Klein, Bill Hayeslip, Bill Moutz and more.  ( www.3ap.org )
    Video I               

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