• Lesson 22


    • Tie/Slur
    • Dot
    • Orchestra music


    • Warm up on Ex. 109, and 110 see if the students are moving their bow the correct way.


    • After warming up on French Folk Song have students play sailor song. 
    • Did they figure out that it was the sponge bob theme? It has another name have the students play it for their parents to see if they can figure it out. 
    • Have students play this song as a solo if they feel comfortable using the bow and fingers together.
    • On P. 29 students will see a curved line that connects two notes of the same pitch and different pitch. 
    • Show the students how to bow a slur and how you can fit many notes into one bow stroke.  
    • One is a slur and one is a tie.  Do they know the difference?  How do you play a slur and a tie?   Can a student demonstrate?   
    • A tie adds the value of all the notes that are under or above the curved line. 
    • Have them play the
    • How many notes can they slur together?    Try to slow the bow down.
    • Play through the exercises 108-110 and see if students can play crossing strings as a solo.  
    • what gets more bow 2 quarter notes slurred together or a 1/2 note?   (They are the same.)  Show students what it looks to bow 2 quarter notes and a half note.   The amount of bow that I use should be the same. 
    • Now have students try to play the next two exercise in the book.  They should play ex. 111 and 112 for next week. 
    • Now look at Ode to Joy.  they should see that the notes are the same that are in their book.  
    • Have them look at the second line and notice the slur.   Have students pizz and then try it with the bow.  When they are done try to play the entire song. 
    • Practice orchestra music if there is time.


    Practice cards

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