• Lesson # 28
    • Advanced Orchestra Music
    • E string and C String
    • Staccato 
    • Review the F natural and C natural
    • Have students look at the low 2nd finger on your instrument and have them echo you.

    • Have students turn to the E string and C string Page.  Remind them that the notes are high and low that is how we use our
    • String students should know what the last string on their instrument is.   Have them turn to the page where the string is introduced.  
    • Ask them why is this on the E string or the C string?   They should say because it is higher on the staff or lower on the staff.
    • Have them play through the exercises with the CD and see if they are using the correct finger.  
    • Do the notes stay the same or do they change within each exercise?  They should change and students should use  a low 2nd finger on the E string when they play their violins. 
    • Have students turn to the Staccato.
    • The staccato looks like a small dot that is above or below the note.
    • Students should read the paragraph to see how to play a staccato.  Ask if there is a student that could demonstrate?  
    • Show students how to play a staccato and have them echo you. 
    • Play the music with stopped bow stroke.   Make sure that there is nice space between the notes.  
    • Have students play “I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee” and see if they can play the song with a stopped bow stroke.  
    • If there is time asked them to look at the next page and notice how they have a staccato and a tie above 2 notes.   Ask them how would they play a smooth long and connected note with a stop in the bow????  Demonstrate for them and have they try it.  
    Practice cards.
Last Modified on April 29, 2013