• Lesson #25




    • Orchestra Music
    • E String C String 


    • Work on any orchestra music that the students may have a question on.
    • Have students play Ode to Joy with the CD.  See if the student can do it for memory.


    • Work on orchestra music for the Elementary string festival and the memorial day program.
    • Have students turn to their last string.  C string is on page 26 E string is on page 28. 
    • Ask them why is this on the E string or the C string?   They should say because it is higher on the staff or lower on the staff.
    • The E string is the thinnest of the string instruments.   Because it is so thin they should not push so hard.   I ask them to use a feather bow.  
    • The C string is the thickest string on the cello.  The students will have to push into the string.  
    • Have students pizz. any exercise that they can’t play.   At the end have students play a solo on the C and E string.   Tell them that they will be using that string in orchestra and they will get to use it more next year.   
    • Have them play through the exercises with the CD and see if they are using the correct finger.  
    • Do the notes stay the same or do they change within each exercise?  They should change and students should use  a low 2nd finger on the E string when they play their violins. 


    Practice practice practice.

Last Modified on March 26, 2012