• F Natural


    • Orchestra music
    • F natural
    • Finger slide



    • Warm up on Exercise 110 and 111
    • Have students play solo on Slurring exercises.
    • Have students play ex. 113 slurring on 2 strings



    • Have students play their solo from the previous week.  The solo should be 114 gliding bows.
    • Watch the bow direction to see if they are able to move their bow with 2 notes per bow.  Each note should get ½ the bow.  
    • Students should watch the student performing and evaluate them.  They should watch for the bow directions, slur and correct notes. 
    • Have students turn to the F natural page.
    • Have students echo you playing an F-# and then an F- natural. 
    • Ask students what is the difference?   How does it feel to play an F- natural
    • Students should look in the key signature.  They should recognize the F-# in the key signature.  (That is why they have been playing the F-# this whole time)
    • Now ask students what is in front of the F-natural note?   Tell them it blocks the # that is in the key signature.
    • Have students play ex. 117excercises with F-natural. 
    • Have them read ex. 118 sing the notes out loud.  Then have the students play.
    • Have students play ex. 119 spy guy.   Tell them that it is the old bat man theme and they should practice it slow first and when they add speed it will sound like the theme from batman. 
    • Get out, shortinin bread, Ode to Joy.
    • With the rest of the lesson have students play through the music.   Students should keep eyes in music.



    • Remind students of the concert dates.
    • Make sure that students take letter home to parents. 
    • Practice cards
    • Practice practice practice.
Last Modified on April 2, 2013