• Lesson 20


    • The dot in music

    • the dotted half note

    • Slur

    WARM UP:

    • Have students review the notes on the G string.

    • Once the students play the songs on page 26 have them move to the next page.


    • Ask the students how long is the dot in music?   Ask every student and then see who is right.  The dot is ½ the value of the note that it follows.
    • Show them on the board the different kinds of dotted rhythms. 
    • If it is in front of a whole note, half note, quarter note or eighth note how does it change? 
    • Have students play the dotted ½ note and hold the note for 3 beats.   Slow, slow bow. 
    • Have students play the rhythm rap at the top of the page and see if they are holding the notes for 3 full beats?  
    • Have them warm up on the Scale on page 26.  Watch the bow to see if they are holding it for 3 full beats.   
    • Tell the students "Welcome to your favorite song!"   FRENCH FOLK SONG:)  
    • Have the students play it and then see if anyone can play a solo on this song after playing it one time?  
    • Assign the French folk song for a solo song and see if they can try the song at the bottom of the page.
    • If the students listen they can probably hear the tune (Sponge Bob).  There is another name for it have them go home and play it for mom and dad to see if they can figure out the actual name.
    • If there is time have students look at the next page to see if they can see the curved line that is between 2 notes?  what is?  What do you do with the bow?   How do you play it?   
    • IT is called a slur or a tie.   They should try to play 2 notes in one bow stroke.
    • Have them play as many notes as they can in one bow.   If they slow their bow down they should be able to play at least 4 notes or more.  
    • Demonstrate how they should slow the bow down and how you can fit many notes in one bow stroke. 


    • Please remember your practice cards. 
Last Modified on April 3, 2017