• Lesson 17
    • How to play Half notes
    • Grandparents Day solo
    • Left Hand Pizz.
    • 4th finger


    • Echo me.  I will play different rhythms and then students should play them back
    • Warm up on the can can
    • Have students Play a d Maj scale.
    • Students should play a solo on At Pierrot’s Door


    • Have students turn to page 22.  Have Have them read the top of the page.
    • How many beats does a 1/2 note get?   Should we use a small or big bow?   Will we put breaks in the sound or should it continue for the full 2 beats?
    • Have students echo you. Play some 1/2 notes and quarter notes and see if they can change their bow speed.
    • Assign Grandparents day and have them play it for their grandparents.   Also have them play a solo for the class.
    • Have students look at ex. 82 and what is different?  notice the 4+ that means left hand pizz.   Students should try to play the song with their left hand pinky finger. 
    • Have students read How to play a fourth finger.  
    • Show students the space between fingers for the third and fourth.
    • Students should try to make this note sound like open A
    • Play a scale one note at a time and have students echo what you do.
    • Now have students look at Four by Four. Students should play this exercise with fourth fingers and only one open A.
    • Why is it open and different than the 4th finger? 


    Tips to getting a good full sound with the bow:

    ·         Practice playing open strings first.

    ·         Try to use a full bow from frog to tip.

    ·         They should try to keep a straight line with the bow and bridge.  

    ·         The bow should be placed exactly between the bridge and the fingerboard.    

    ·         Once they get a clear tone on their instrument playing open strings then try the songs in their book.

Last Modified on April 3, 2017