• Lesson 15


      • Eighth notes
      • Tempo Markings
      • Evaluation

      • Have students turn to pp. 20 and warm up on Pepperoni Pizza
      • Practice long and short bows
      • Have students sing ta and ti ti.

      • What is the new note on page 20?  How do you count it in your music class? Is the note longer or shorter?   Try to say the notes out loud.
      • Now try to echo Mr. Morton.   Play a few rhythms for the students and have them echo you.
      • Now try to play rhythm rap on p. 20 and see if students can keep a steady beat. 
      • Have students try to play a solo on Rhythm Rap see if they can play on their own.
      • when students play a:
        • quarter note: should use a full, slow and long bow for one FULL beat
        • Eighth note: should use less bow, faster bow for only a 1/2 a beat.
      • Students should play a solo next week on ex. 70 or 71. They can pick one of the two songs for a solo for next week. 
      • When they are preparing this song they should break it up into 3 parts.   the students should say the notes first, then pizz. the notes and finally they could try it with the bow.  
      • When the students feel comfortable they should try it with the CD.  the cd's last track is ex 72.
      • Ask students if they know another language?   Show them the 3 tempo markings in the book Allegro, moderato, Andante.  See if they can pronounce them in Italian.  
      • Show students the different tempos on the instrument. 
      • When they play their solo they should play it with the correct tempo.  
      • Students should practice Buckeye Salute P. 21 ex 73.  Say then pizz., then bow. 

  • Students will play Buckeye Salute for an Evaluation next week.  We will be looking for posture, bow hold, instrument position, left hand Position, note recognition and practice cards/materials.  https://www.northallegheny.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=4063

    • CLOSURE:

      • Practice cards


    1.  Posture/ Position:       

    2.  Left Hand Technique:              

    3.  Bow Hand/Arm:

    4.   Music Reading:                  

    5.    Rhythm:        

    6.    Listening skills         

    7. General Development:                                       

    1. Behavior-                        
    2. Practice card- [_______X Missed] 
    3. Unexcused Absences [________X Missed]
    4. Responsibility (instrument and music ______X Missed)