• Lesson 14


      • Eight notes
      • D Major scale
      • Using different amounts of bow
      • Tempo Markings


      • Have students turn to pp. 18 and 19.  warm up on playing steps.
      • Play through orchestra tunes


      • Have students play ex. 64 D maj scale.  Why is it in D Maj.  Show students the 2 sharps in the key signature.
      • What is the new note on page 20?  How do you count it in your music class? Is the note longer or shorter?   Try to say the notes out loud.
      • Now try to echo Mr. Morton.   Play a few rhythms for the students and have them echo you.
      • Now try to play rhythm rap on p. 20 and see if students can keep a steady beat. 
      • Have students try to play a solo on Rhythm Rap see if they can play on their own.
      • Assign ex. 66-71.  Have students practice for next 3 weeks.
      • Ask students if they know a foreign language?   Show them the 3 tempo markings in the book Allegro, moderato, Andante.  See if they can pronounce them in Italian.   Show students the different tempos on the instrument. 
      • Have students look at page 21 ex. 72 and 73.   They should review the steps to success by Saying, Pizz., writing in note names if necessary and then playing it with the bow.   



      • Practice cards

Last Modified on April 3, 2017