• Lesson 13


    • Bowing music with steps on the A string
    • F# and C#
    • Bow Lift
    • Orchestra music


    • P. 11 down the D scale
    • Dreidel
    • Mozart Melody


    • Turn to page 16 and bow open A and D
    • Have students use upper part of the bow, check the bow thumbs while they are playing make sure that they have a square bow thumb.
    • Have students teeter totter on the D and A string feel where their arm is for each string.
    • What is a bow lift demonstrate a bow lift and have students echo what you play.
    • Have students turn to page 18.  This is where we put it all together using the bow hand and left hand. 
    • Students should review the 4 steps to play the instrument.
    • 1-say, 2-pizz, , 3-play the whole thing.
    • Step #1-   Say the notes out loud.   Sit down with your child and see if they can read the notes to you out loud.   If they do not know the notes they should write the letters under the notes.  This will help them learn the notes.  Once they can say or sing the notes they can move onto step 2.   Remind your child that there are only 8 notes 4 down low on the D and 4 up high on the A string.   Once they memorize the note positions on the staff it will help them play their instrument.   You could help them by making flash cards for these notes and see if they are able to call them out without hesitation.


      Step #2-   Pizzicato the notes.   Even though this is the bow page they should put their bow down and pluck the song.   If they can not pluck the song in tune and keeping their fingers on the tape they should not move on to the next step.   Have your child play pizz. for you and see if their fingers are on the tape.   Sometimes they are reading their music and do not realize that their hand has slipped away from the tapes on the finger board.


      Step #3-   Putting it all together- Finally, on this step the students should try to use the bow and left hand together.  If they are not getting a good sound they should stop looking in the book and bow some open strings until they are able to get a good tone on the open strings they are using.

    • Try different steps and have students play.
    • Ask students if they can play a solo on ex. 57? Tribal Lament is a solo from the past week.   Students should try to keep the bow and fingers on the D string.   See if the students can make a clear sound.
    • Assign a solo for Ex. 60 Elevator Down.  Students should practice this song for next week.
    • Have students look at Special ex. Have students fill n the bar lines for next week.
    • Students should work on Orchestra music in the lesson. 
    • Have students play a solo if there is time.
    • Practice cards should be signed and filled in each week.


Last Modified on April 3, 2017