• Lesson 12


    • Bowing music with steps
    • F# and C#
    • Bow Lift
    • Orchestra music


    • P.16/17 Open D and Open A String
    • Ex. 52 with a bow lift


    • Have students use upper part of the bow, check the bow thumbs while they are playing make sure that they have a square bow thumb.
    • Have students teeter totter on the D and A string feel where their arm is for each string.
    • What is a bow lift demonstrate a bow lift and have students echo what you play.
    • Ask students if they can play a solo on ex. 53?  See if the students can make a clear sound.
    • Then have students turn the page and have them attempt to play a song with fingers and bow
    • Students should turn the page and work on bowing with G.
    • Students should go through the 4 steps to play the instrument.
    • 1-say, 2-pizz, 3-air bow, 4-play the whole thing.
    • Try different steps and have students play.
    • Assign a solo for Ex. 60 Elevator Down.  Students should practice this song for next week.
    • Have students look at Special ex. Have students fill n the bar lines for next week.
    • Students should work on Orchestra music in the lesson.  Ask if there are any sections that they think is hard.
    • Have students play solo’s if there is time to perform.
    • Students should prepare music for their concert and make sure that parents have received the letter below.


    • Practice cards should be signed and filled in each week.

Last Modified on November 21, 2011