• Key Signature and Bow on Strings


    • Students should recognize what a key signature is
    • Students will identify a F# and a C#
    • Practice reading music without the letters
    • Using bow and fingers and open strings together


    • Down the D scale and up the D scale p. 11
    • Mozart Melody p.15
    • Bow hold
    • Check out Violin Master class if you have time. http://violinmasterclass.com


    • Have students turn to Mozart Melody p. 15 ask what is the name of this song it is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    • Have students play this selection with the CD
    • Ask students to pick Matthews March or Christopher's Tune and be able to play a solo on this song for next week.  We will try to guess what song you are playing.
    • Have students get the bow out and rosin it.   Also have the students tighten the bow 4 turns. 
    • Have students imitate the bow hand show them how to hold it and then have them mirror it for you. (See videos from the past few weeks) 
      • 1,2,3 crab claw, roll to the big knuckle and pink on top
      •  Bunny Muncher.
    • After students have a nice bow hold have students move the bow up and down on their shoulder.   Show them the symbols for a down bow= „¡„¢ and an up bow=V
    • Have them move their arms in the correct direction by placing the bow on their left shoulder.  They can practice bowing out and in. They can also practice Rosin Rap 1,2 and 3 on page 13.  (The students should be able to hold the bow, see web site above.)
    • Now have students place the bow on the string.  Students should find the middle of their bow.  (I call this square because they form a large square with their arm, bow and instrument. )
    • Rock and roll on the D string with the bow.  Roll the bow down until it hits the A and then rock it back until it hits the G.  You want to feel the distance between strings.
    • Now move the arm out to the tip.  (I call this square out.) and rock and roll on the tip.  
    • Have students bow from square to square out using the middle and upper part of the bow. 
    • Keep the bow in between the fingerboard and the Bridge.  Try to keep parallel lines with the bridge and bow.   Assign bowing on the open strings.  P. 16 and 17.  they can practice bowing down and up and try to hit one string at a time. 
    • When students are done bowing have them loosen their bow and slide the tip into the case.


    • Practice orchestra music
    • Turn in the practice cards with at least 60min on it and get it signed.

Last Modified on September 12, 2013