• Hand Position on Bow/Mozart Melody


    • Reading notes on the staff
    • Students should work with the bow
    •  Mozart Melody


    • Down the D Scale
    • Read out loud Carolina Breeze
    • Ask students different notes on the staff


      • Have students read Caroline Breeze and Jingle bells from last week.   See if anyone can play solos on the songs?   Try the songs with the CD and see if they can keep a steady tempo?
      • Students should read the notes out loud for Old McDonald and then try to play it.
      • Students should turn the page 15 and ask them to read the paragraph about Mozart.
        • Who was Mozart?
        • When was he born?
        • Where did he live?
        • What did he play?
        • Why is he so famous?
        • What did he do?
      • Then assign this song for students to play and have them guess what the name of the song is? 
      • If the students play it for mom and dad they might be able to help figure out the name of the song. 
      • Once they recognize the melody students should try to sing the song and then play the song.
      • Ask if there are any students that could play a solo on this song.  
      • When we hold the dowel rod students should: (See the vids from last week) 
    • Find the center of the stick (THE VIDEOS BELOW ARE BEST VIEWED IN QUICK TIME).
    • Roll the Dowel Rod on their fingers of their right hand.
    • Have them keep a space between fingers. Notice if the finger get close together it is harder to hold the stick.
    • Curl the pointer finger  around the stick so the stick rests on the the big knuckle.
    • Place the thumb  on the stick opposite the middle finger.
    • Thumb should be SQUARE
    • 1, 2, 3 crab claw, roll to the big knuckle and pink on top.
    • Bunny Muncher
      • .
    • Pass out dowel rods or pencils and have students emulate the bow hold and check for understanding. 
    • Student should use Tubes to practice the bow hand.   Use the steps 1,2 and 3 to get a nice bow hand and then do rosin raps 1,2 and 3 to practice Down and Up Bow.  

    • students should practice 60 min a week. 
    • Fill in the practice card
    • Get is signed by mom or dad


Last Modified on October 31, 2017