• Playing a Solo and Finger Position on the Bow


    • Playing a solo
    • Dreidel
    • Finger position on the bow


    • Play notes on the A string.
    • Page 11. Have students read half way down and right back up.   Ask why does this song sound like an elevator moving in one direction?


    • Have students play up and down the D scale.  ex 31 and 32. Ask them why is it important?  (because it uses all the notes/fingers that we now know.)
    • when they palay playing open A what should their fingers be doing?  (getting ready for the next string.)  
    • Have students turn the page and ask students to pick one of the following songs for next week. 
    • I will hear a solo on Matthews March or Christopher’s Tune.  
    • What is a solo?   What do you do during a solo?  Is is something that you should practice? YES
    • Play through the songs so they can hear each what they sound like.  This will be their first assigned solo.  
    • Next week we will listen to each student play their solo and have the rest of the group listen and decide which song you selected. 
    • Students should start to look at the Dreidel.   Ask if anyone can already play it. 
    • Have students sing it and then try to play it if there is time.
    • Show the students the proper shape of the bow hand on a dowel rod or pencil. (Round)
    • Show the various steps for proper finger placement and have students repeat steps.
    • When we hold the dowel rod students should:
      • Find the center of the stick.
      • Roll the Dowel Rod on their fingers of their right hand.
      • Have them keep a space between fingers. Notice if the finger get close together it is harder to hold the stick.
      • Curl the pointer finger  around the stick so the stick rests on the the big knuckle.
      • Place the thumb  on the stick opposite the middle finger.
      • Thumb should be SQUARE
      • 1, 2, 3 crab claw, roll to the big knuckle and pink on top.
    • Pass out dowel rods or pencils and have students emulate the bow hold and check for understanding. 
    • Have students look at the next page and notice how the letters disappear out of the head of the note.
    • There are no more letters and students should figure out how to read the notes.
    • Ask students how are we supposed to read the notes on the staff?
      • They should answer by looking at the positioning on the staff.


    Treble Clef: Lines- E, G, B, D, F          Spaces- F, A, C, E

    Alto Clef:     Lines- F, A, C, E, G            Spaces- G, B, D, F, A on top

    Bass Clef:    Lines-G, B, D, F, A            Spaces- A, C, E, G



    • Review the songs assigned for next week.
    • Have students practice bow hold at home.


Last Modified on September 12, 2013