• Lesson 19


    • 4th finger
    • Notes on the G String
    • using a good bow stroke


    • P. 22 Exercise 74.  work on playing the quarter notes longer one full beat and the eighth notes only ½ beat.
    • P. 24 the half notes and 4th fingers.


    • Review what a 4+ stand for?   Have students play Texas two step.  Students should use their left hand pinky finger.
    • Have students look at the next page and have the students look at the notes on the staff.   Notice how they are lower on the staff and which string that the notes should be played on.
    • How many notes below the staff is G, C, B, A.  Have the students count and figure out what the note names are?
    • Then have students play all the notes on the G string also have student notice how the string will vibrate because of its thickness.  
    • They should push into the string to get a good tone. 
    • Once students are using a good bow stroke have them practice the notes on P. 26.
    • Play along with the CD and have the students move their fingers to the correct notes. 
    • Once you play all the songs on page 26.  have student play a solo on one of the songs.  
    • See if the other students can recognize it. 
    • If there is time move on to the next page where they will play songs using the G string.  


                Practice cards should have 60 min for each week.  And students should play for someone over the break. 

Last Modified on February 14, 2012