• Left Hand Position and Folk Songs


    • Reading notes on the staff
    • Nice hand position
    • Left hand pressure
    • Writing symbols into music
    • Folk Songs


    • Open strings p.4/5
    • Steps to a nice hand position
    • Notes on the D string


    • Review the notes on the staff and play a game where students come up to the chalk board and write the letters on the staff

    • Have students sing the notes on the staff and then have them play the notes on the staff.

    • Talk about finger pressure:

      • 0-finger just touching the string

      • 50- pushing half way down

      • 100- pushing down until the string touches the finger board

      • Students do not need to push any harder than 100

    • Play along with CD on page 6/7.  See if there are any students that can play a solo. 

    • Have students look at Ex. 16 and notice that something is missing.  Ask students to write in the missing symbols.  Clef, time signature and double bar.

    • Ask students what is a folk song?   Have students read the definition in their book.  Let them know that there are dozens of folk songs that we will try through the school year.   Slavic, Welsh, Irish…….

    • Have students try to play Morning Dance sing first and they play.

    • See if anyone can play a solo on the song. 

    • Assign it for a solo for next week let them know that they will have to play it on their own.

    • Tell students that they can now play a song that parents, brothers, sisters, relatives or friends will recognize.   Mary Had a Little Lamb!

    • Have students practice the song at home first and then try to play it for someone.   See if they can guess what song you are playing. 


    • Practice cards should be signed and filled in. 
    • Practice 1 hour a week.
    • Play for someone at home and see if they can guess Marry had a Little Lamb.
    • Play a solo on Morning Dance next week.

    ♪   Treble Clef (violin)- http://www.purposegames.com/game/8dfaa4492c


Last Modified on October 13, 2016