• Reading Notes on Staff/Book and Practice card



    • How to hold instrument
    • How to open case
    • Open strings on the instrument
    • Pizz


    • After warming up on instrument have students play the songs that they wrote from last week.  
    • Check to see if students are using the correct strings at the correct time.
    • Now pass out the students book, folder and practice card.  (Audio clip about the Book and folder.) (Audio clip on how to fill in a Practice Card.) 
    • Tell them that the folder/book/practice card should come to the lesson each week.
    • Show them how you will check the practice cards each week and how they can collect stickers if they get their parents initials and at least 1 hour.
    • Have students turn to page 3 and look at the violin/viola/cello that is in their book. 
    • Have them identify the parts of the instrument.
    • Now have them turn to page 4/5 and look at the information at the top of the page.  
    • Review the musical symbols at the top of the page- staff/quarter note/quarter rest/ pulse/ measure/ bar line.  (Audio clip on Musical Concepts from page 4.)
    • Ask students what is the first note that we will learn today?  It is the open D string.  ask them where it is on the staff? Is it on a line or a space? Is it up high or down low?
    • Have students sing the songs in the book.
    • When they see the notes they should pluck the string and when they see the rest the students should have silence. 
    • Student should now try to pizz the song that they just sang.   We want to keep a steady pulse when singing and playing.  
    • Show students the CD in the book and encourage them  practice at home with the CD.   Show them how it works and how to play along with it.  
    • Now have students look at the next exercise.  what is the new note that we will learn?  Where is it on the staff? Is it higher or lower?  It is the open A string and it is higher.
    • Now have them try to play the songs on page 4/5.  show them how the open D is lower and how the A is higher. 
    • Mark the books so the students can see what songs were assigned for the week.  


    • Remind them to practice the songs that are marked. 
    • Remind the students about how to practice and fill in the practice cards. 

    Remind students what day they should bring their instruments.

    Differentiated Instruction:
    Anchor Activities
    Multiple Level of Questions
    Classroom Organization and Management. 
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Last Modified on September 11, 2015