• Left Hand Position and Note Reading


    • Read notes on staff
    • Place left hand on instrument
    • Follow director


    • Review open strings
    • Play exercises 1-9
    • How do you repeat?  When do you repeat?  (when there are two dots in exercises 7&8)


    • Ask students how many notes could we play if all we could do is play our open strings? There would be only 4 different notes and students could master the violin in one day.  But there are lots of notes on the instrument show them a few songs using your left hand.
    • Tell students that we don’t just grab our instrument and throw our fingers on the finger board there are three easy steps to get a nice hand position.
    • Have students watch as you perform the 3 steps.
    • Violin/Viola left hand position-
      • Violin/Viola Step 1. students should have left hand against the instrument and fingers are straight up in the air.
      • Violin/Viola Step 2. slide the hand down the instrument until you hit the tape farthest away. Students should keep a space under their instrument.  (Cup of Soup:))
      • Violin/Viola Step 3. curl your fingers onto the instrument where you put tape#  Place your fingers on the D String only and place your fingertips on the instrument.
    • Cello left hand position-
      • Cello Step 1. Student should raise their left elbow
      • Cello Step 2. place your thumb on the back of the cello neck in line with the second tape.
      • Cello Step 3. curl your fingers onto the tapes with a slight rolling of the hand to the 1st tape.
    • Violin/Viola-When all 3 fingers are down you can play a G,  2 fingers down would be an F# and only 1 finger would be a first finger E on the D string.
    • Cello-When all 4 fingers are down you can play a G, 3 fingers down would be an F# and only 1 finger would be an E on the D string. 
    • Fingers should be curvy and round with only the tips of the finger on the string.
    • Then have the students go through the steps.
    • Watch each step and see if the students are doing it ok.   Complement any student that is doing it with the correct hand position#
    • Teach students how to play Violin- Violin/Viola Monkey Down and Up a Tree.  The monkey is at the top of the tree (all 3 fingers down) He dropped his banana on the jungle floor so he has to get it. The monkey crawls down a branch (only 2 fingers down) he crawls down another branch (only one finger down)  and he get s to the jungle floor#  It isn't safe her so he crawls back up placing the fingers on each branch until he gets back to the safety of the jungle tree top#  Cello-Monkey down Monkey Up a Tree
    • Have students turn to 6 and 7 and show them exercise 9-13 and then show them how the fingers change with the notes.

    Have students play with the CD


    • Fill in practice cards.

    • Try to practice 15 min. a day a total of 1 hour a week.  

    • Get the practice card signed and filled in for next week see examplePractice Card.

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Last Modified on September 21, 2018