• Tunnels with Left Hand and Note Reading


    • Form a Tunnel with left hand
    • Good King Wenceslas
    • Play the D and A string together


    • Have students play pp. 4-5 so they can feel the beat with the cd
    • Ask students to remind you of how many steps there were to get a nice hand position.
    • See if there are any students that can play 16 after last week.
    • Check to see if students filled in the missing symbols in ex. 16. 


    • Have students turn to page 8 and see if the students can play Mary Had a Little Lamb
    • When they are done see if anyone wants to play a solo? 
    • Ask the students if they played it for their parents and if they were able to recognize it?
    • Move onto the other songs on p. 8 and see if students can figure out how to change the fingers on the instrument. 
    • Show them how the finger changes with each note.  You can sing the notes first and then play them. 

    • Students should try to form a tunnel with their left hand fingers.
    • Video example of a tunnel
    • Place your fingers on the D string and see if they can pluck the A string at the same time. 
    • Tips on getting a nice hand position so you can form a tunnel:
      • Keep fingers curvy
      • Try not to touch the A string
      • Use only the pad of the finger
      • Keep your fingernails cut
      • Have a nice space under the instrument (cup of soup or gofer hole)
      • Keep wrist pushed out so you can get over the top of the A string
      • Move your left elbow under the instrument so you can reach the D string.
    • Practice the tunnel with out looking in the book. when students are forming a tunnel have the students look at the top of page 9. 
    • In exercise 20 they should notice a line or bracket under the staff.  
    • When they see this line students should keep their fingers down for the duration of the line.
    • By forming a tunnel they are able to keep their fingers on the D string and play the open A.
    • If there is time get out the bow and have students move their fingers up and down the bow. 
    • Also have students for a pump with their pinky and practice holding it with thumb and pinky.


    • Remind students to practice 1 hour a week

    • Get practice cards signed

    Note reading games

    ♪   Treble Clef (violin)- http://www.purposegames.com/game/8dfaa4492c


Last Modified on October 13, 2016