• 2015 Star Party 

    Events during the star party:
          During the evening of Friday, April 10, 2015 we setup outside the school and students and parents stopped by on their way into and mostly out of the school.  Dennis had two scopes and I used one.  After the rainy week and heavy rain earlier that day, the sky became wonderfully clear.  It stared out windy, but that decreased by the end of the event just after 9PM.  We started early, around 6PM with Dennis showing a flag across a valley and I was showing the sun.  The sun was very quiet, so I left it for Venus about 6:30. Venus was about 60% full and showed the phase well.  About 7:15, with the sun still up, I was able to start to show Jupiter at 170x and it was well resolved, even considering the sun-lit sky.   The moons remained in hiding until it grew dark after 8:00.  After dark, all 4 moons came out in a nice straight line.  The cloud bands came out in very good definition as the wind died.  I was able to show the attenuated GRS to a few discerning observers. Dennis, who was not using a computerized scope followed me to Venus when it became naked eye visible and then to Jupiter.  Around 8:30, I switched to the Orion Nebula. I pointed out an ISS pass to much excitement. “Is that a space ship?”  Yes! Several members of the (High School?) astronomy club helped out.

Last Modified on April 13, 2015