• Lesson 7
     (1st lesson with the Advanced Uke Class)
    Welcome to the Advanced Uke Group! During the after school classes we hope to spend time working on several tunes and maybe a few exercises.   We will talk about some rules that will make the after school classes run smoothly.  Please see some rules below that you should follow for the advanced uke group.  
    Helpful Rules:  
    1, When we have this many uke players in a group try to limit the random strumming.  
    2, When someone is playing a solo please be polite and listen without strumming.  
    3, Try your best.  Some folks will be able to play better than others and that is ok.  
    4, Try to tune your on instrument when you get to the room.   I will have a few snark tuners around.   It is good practice to tune your own instrument.   When you are at home you have to do it yourself.      
    5, Play your instrument at home.   Please try to go over what we did in the lesson.   It helps if you strum a little every day.   
    How to Tune using a snark?  If you don't have a tuner you should get one.   If your uke is not in tune it makes it harder to play and listen to. 
    when tuning remember your open strings GCEA (Goats can eat apples) 
    This week we will start off by reviewing  finger dexterity with a vid from Ukulele Mike- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pse641zHpP8  Please go over this song several times every day and try to get a clear tone from your uke when you are placing your fingers.    
     Review chords from beginning uke group and chords from last year.   They are  Uke Chord Sheet- C, C7, G, G7, F, A minor and D and D7. 
    Tunes covered:
    from the Book- Tom Dooley, Clementine, Cockles and Mussels, Go tell Aunt Rhody, Down in the Valley
    From the Essential Elements packet- Lion Sleeps Tonight, Skip to my Lou, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Lava
    Challenge tune- https://vimeo.com/44554078  
Last Modified on August 19, 2018