• Lesson 5

    Warm up/Tune/.  

     Warm up- Ukulele Mike #3
    *     Calypso strum P. 12 in book same pattern /  Page 11 strum pattern (Stand by Me) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqDiaZ-pqyA  
    *     D minor chord page 26. (Jamaica Farewell
    *     D minor Joshua Fought 
    *     B flat chord P 25. (you are my sunshine)
    *     Pick and play a chord from page 46/47
    *     Pick and play a strum pattern p. 48.
    *     Tablature- Easy Tab. Song 

    *  Watch a vid on an easy chord progression - C, Am, F and G7.  It has a really nice sound and can be used in many popular songs.  Try to move from chord to chord without looking at the strings.*    

    Steel City Uke Packets if time.
    Extra music:

    There Ain't No Bugs on Me"

    C C C C          C C G G

    G G G G        G G C C


    Oh, there ain't no bugs on me

                  C              C         C             C     

    There ain't no bugs on me                
                C           C          G                 G

    There may be bugs on some of you mugs
    G                    G             G                    G

    But there ain't no bugs on me.
    G                          G            C                C

    Well, a bull frog sittin' on a lily pad
    Looking up at the sky
    The lily pad broke and the frog fell in
    He got water all in his eye.

    Oh it ain't gonna rain no more no more 
    It ain't gonna rain no more
    How in the heck can I wash my neck 
    When it ain't gonna rain no more? 

    Humpty Dumpty fell right down
    and landed on his head, 
    So, all the horses and the men
    had scrambled eggs and bread.

    Links watched:

    ·         Fun Hawaiian tutorial (3.40) (waiting in vain)

    ·         Madeline  Pots  G chord

    ·         Chord progression- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP6m_AkrCR8

    Challenge song: All about that Bass- You can find the entire youtube tutorial vid at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOY7peOvmzU  (This guy is funny when he sings this song:)  The chords that he plays can be found in the back of your book A chord p. 58, B minor chord p. 59 and E chord p. 62.  Think of the chords as shapes on your instrument.  The B minor and E are not easy chords but if you watch the vid above you can see how he plays them.  Not sure if this song is worth trying to play but some students might have fun with it.   

Last Modified on December 12, 2017