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    2014 – 2015



    Congratulations to the State Champion North Allegheny Speech and Debate Team
    Narrowly beating their toughest state rival Holy Ghost by just 2.5 points (149 to 146.5), the team took home two individual state championships.
    Senior Drew Bjorklund won first place in Lincoln Douglas debate finishing with a split decision in the final round against Danville.
    Juniors Siddarth Narayan and Apoorv (Nony) Anand won also in a 5-0 decision in the final round in Public Forum Debate against State College.
    Other students advancing to the break rounds (Quarter-finals and higher) –
    In addition to Bjorklund, the other North Allegheny competitor in Lincoln Douglas made it to quarterfinals.  Junior Nila Suresh finished in the top 8 in the state.
    In the Student Senate, Senior Sarah Ricci finished 2nd in the state behind her North Catholic friend and yearlong rival.
    The Parliamentary Debate team comprised of Helena Bates, Marisa DelSignore, and Annie Sippel finished in the quarterfinals.
    Junior Grace Jin finished 3rd in the state in Persuasive Speaking.
    In Informative Speaking, Senior Andy Mendes made it to the semi-final round, and Junior Jasmine Mahajan finished in 5th place.
    In Humorous Interpretation of Literature, Junior Grace Traynor finished in 5th place in the state, and Senior Jeff Zeng made it to the semi-final round.
    In Duo Interpretation of Literature, Seniors Austin Sober and Alex Venezia made the semi-final round, placing them in the top 12 in the state.
    In Dramatic Interpretation of Literature, Sophomore Samir Yellepragada made semi-finals.

    In Impromptu Speaking, Junior Zain Mehdi advanced to semi-finals.
    And finally, in an event that North Allegheny normally does not do, the Junior team of Eric Mi and Joe Zhao finished in quarterfinals of Policy Debate.
    At the local National Speech and Debate Association District Tournament, North Allegheny took home the top school award, 2nd in speech, 2nd in debate, as well as two district championships. These members of the team will compete this summer in Dallas, TX.
    Drew Bjorklund won the district title in Lincoln Douglas Debate.

    Grace Jin was declared the district champion for her original oratory called “Couponing to College,” a speech on self-control and how it impacts our lives. 

    Siddarth Narayan and and Apoorv (Nony) Anand came in second in Public Forum Debate, and these two are credited for “tripling,” the term used in forensics when a student qualifies in the three big district qualifying tournaments – the state league, the National Speech and Debate Association District tournament, and the National Catholic Forensic League District tournament.
    Jason Hu came in 2nd place in student congress. 
    And Pittsburgh was recently selected to be a part of the prestigious World Debates that takes place the same week as the NSDA National Tournament. Michael Tai was selected to be a part of this city-wide team.
    Others who did well were  - 

    Grace Traynor and Samir Yellapragada, 5th and 4th, respectively, in Dramatic Interp.
    Eugenia Lee and Angela Lu - 5th in duo, and Nandita Kannapadi and Serena El-Khatib, 3rd in duo.
    Andy Mendes - 5th in Original Oratory.
    Yara El-Khatib and Annie Sippel, 5th and 3rd respectively, in International Extemp.
    Jason Hu and Michael Tai - 6th in Public Forum, Anmol Anand and Anrey Peng - 5th in PF.

    For the Catholic Forensic League District Tournament, the following students won slots to attend this tournament in Ft. Lauderdale over Memorial Day Weekend:
    Joe Zhao and Nila Suresh in Lincoln Douglas.
    Julie Chen and Michael Tai, and Siddarth Narayan and Apporv Anand in Public Forum.
    Sophomores Nandita Kannapadi and Serena El-Khatib, and Christina Cheung and Jeff Zeng in Duo Interpretation of Literature.
    Grace Traynor qualified in Dramatic Performance.


    • Grace Jin, Andy Mendes, and Niki Krishna all qualified in Original Oratory.


    PHSSL Districts Champions! 

    Policy Debate 
    Erica Fan and Kimberly DelSignore - 1st place
    Eric Mi and Joe Zhao - 2nd place
    Public Forum Debate
    Jason Hu and Michael Tai - 1st place
    Nony Anand and Siddarth Narayan - 2nd place
    Lincoln Douglas Debate 
    Drew Bjorklund - 1st place
    Nila Suresh - 2nd place
    Parliamentary Debate 
    Anagha Arunkumar, Yara El-Khatib, and Julie Karabin - 1st
    Marisa DelSignore, Annie Sippel, and Helena Bates - 2nd
    Informative Speaking
    Jasmine Mahajan - 1st 
    Andy Mendes - 2nd 
    Grace Jin - 1st
    Adia Augustin - 3rd
    Sarah Ricci - 2nd
    Extemporaneous Speaking
    Brendan Grzyb - 1st
    Duo Interp
    Austin Sober and Alex Venezia - 1st
    Dramatic Interp
    Samir Yellepragada - 1st
    Humorous Interp
    Grace Traynor - 1st
    Jeff Zeng - 2nd

    Pine Richland Sweeps

    Debate 2nd
    Speech 3rd Overall 3rd 

    Good Person Award
    Jason Hu

    Presiding Officer in House B Sarah Ricci

    Lincoln Douglas
    Drew Bjorklund 6th
    Erica Fan 2nd

    Kayla Badamo 5th
    Liz Guo 6th

    Grace Jin 1st
    Shanelle Fernando 3rd

    Grace Traynor 5th

    Austin Sober and Alex Venezia 2nd
    Mercer Rotary


    Speech - 2nd

    Public Forum

    Julie Chen and Elaine Xu - 3rd

    Nony Anand and Siddarth Narayan - 6th

    Original Oratory

    Shanelle Fernando - 1st

    United States Extemp

    Kayla Badamo - 3rd

    Anushka Shah - 6th

    International Extemp

    Zain Mehdi - 5th

    Humorous Interpretation

    Grace Traynor - 2nd

    Duo Interpretation

    Austin Sober and Alex Venezia - 2nd

    Asha Dasari and Caroline Huang - 5th

    Laird Lewis Invitational

    Public Forum

    Eric Dunbar and Sareen Ali - Quarterfinals

    Sean Tao and Nikhil Cherukupalli - Double Octofinals

    North Allegheny


    Debate - 3rd

    Speech- 2nd

    Overall - 1st

    Lincoln Douglas

    Drew Bjorklund - 1st

    Duo Interpretation

    Christina Cheung and Jeff Zeng - 3rd

    Serena El-Khatib and Nandita Kannapadi - 4th

    International Extemp

    Brendan Grzyb - 1st

    Sheel Kundu - 4th

    Original Oratory

    Shanelle Fernando - 1st

    Jasmine Mahajan - 3rd

    United States Extemp

    Kayla Badamo - 2nd

    Mason Blackburn - 6th

    Central Catholic

    1st Place Overall Sweeps
    2nd Place Speech Sweeps
    1st Place Debate Sweeps

    Oral Interp
    4th Adia Augustin
    1st Grace Jin
    3rd Kayla Badamo
    2nd Grace Traynor
    4th Jeff Zeng
    3rd Julie Chen & Elaine Xu
    1st Kimberly Del Signoire
    2nd Drew Bjorklund
    3rd Nila Suresh
    4th Joe Zhou

    North Allegheny - Overall - 6th

    Public Forum
    Anmol Anand and Anrey Peng - 6th
    Jason Hu and Maddie Lambert - 5th
    Marisa DelSignore and Casey Mrazik - 4th

    Lincoln Douglas
    Drew Bjorklund - 2nd

    International Extemp
    Zain Medhi - 3rd

    North Catholic

    Congress - Top 3
    Kayla Badamo
    Sarah Ricci
    Taylor Allderdice
    Lincoln Douglas
    Vibha Reddy - First
    Lincoln Douglas
    Gabe Ren - Double Octofinals
    Walt Whitman
    Lincoln Douglas
    Joe Zhao- Double Octofinals
    (all places are top 5)
    Brendan Grzyb
    Mason Blackburn
    Lincoln Douglas
    Kimberly Delsignore

    Duo Interp
    Yuri Tamama/Aaron Burmester

    Public Forum
    Raghu Venkatesh/Sricharan Chaganti
    USC Novice
    First- Yuri Tamama/Aaron Burmester
    Third- Eugenia Lee/Angela Lu

    Second- Elizabeth Guo
    Fourth- Mason Blackburn

    Fifth- Gayathri Manchella
    GMU Patriot Games
    Public Forum
    Jason Hu and Maddie Lambert - Double Octofinals
    Siddarth Narayan and Nony Anand - Triple Octofinals
    Erica Fan and Helena Bates - Triple Octofinals

    Lincoln Douglas
    Kimberly DelSignore - Quaterfinals
    Nila Suresh - Double Octofinals

    Catherine Zhang - 6th
    Jeff Zeng - Quaterfinals
    Samir Yellapragada - Quaterfinals
    Grace Jin - 4th

    Sid Narayan  / Nony Anand -  top 16 in Public Forum
    Marisa DelSignore / Nikhil Cherukapalli - top 64 in Public Forum
    Grace Traynor - top 24 in Drama
    Sheel Kundu - top 24 in Extemp
    Adia Augustin  top 24 in Prose/Poetry
    Grace Jin - top 48 in Oratory
    Joe Zhao - top 64 in Lincoln Douglas
    Wake Forest
    Early Bird Tournament
    6th Place Overall
    Drew Bjorklund Quarters (Varsity Lincoln Douglas)
    Michael Tai/Sean Tao Double octos (Varsity Public Forum )
    Andy Mendes Semis (Oratory)
    Adia Augustin Semis (Oratory)
    Zain Mehdi Quarters (Extemp)
    Gabe Ren Finals (2nd overall in Varsity Lincoln Douglas with a TOC bid)
    Thomas Kim Octos (JV Lincoln Douglas)
    Joe Zhao Double octos (Varsity Lincoln Douglas)


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