• The A B C’s of Archery

    Topics covered at Camp K-O-K 

    Safety tips:

    1. Never point at another person

    2. Never shoot arrow straight up

    3. Never get arrows until everyone is done (Yell retrieve)

    4. Set up target up in a safe place

    5. Walk with tips down

    Type of Bow:

    1. Straight, compound, or Recurve

      • Bow parts-Tip, lower limb, upper limb, grip, arrow rest, string

      • Arrow parts- point, shaft feather fletching, nock

      • Pounds per pressure mine is 40 yours is 25

        Bow hold:

    2. Shake hands with arrow rest up

    3. Make a table by turning wrist so arm is on top

      Place arrow on bow:

    1. Notice one is different? Different feather faces up

      • The feather will scrub against the bow if it isn’t

    2. Place the nock on string so it forms a 90 degree angle.

    3. Lightly hold arrow with pointer finger.

      Place pulling hand on bow:

    1. Only use 3 fingers

    2. One on top of arrow, second finger under arrow and third for strength.

    3. Only use finger tips because you will pull the arrow off and it is hard to release if you rap your fingers around the string.

      Body stance:

    1. Turn your body and feet so shoulder holding the bow faces target.

    2. Slowly lift your bow to the target

    3. Keep elbow up and pull straight back until the pulling hand is under your ear.

    4. Look at where you want to shoot and with finger tips on string release.

      Bow retrieval:

    1. Wait until everyone is done shooting

    2. We will call “Retrieve arrows” and you can pull them from the target.

    3. Hold target with one hand and pull with the other straight out.




      Archery Tips and Information


      Two kinds of bows: Re-curved and Compound


      Wide part of grip is facing upward.

      Flip the compound bow for left hand users so that the grip is down.

      Right hand people hold the bow in left hand and draw string with right. Reverse for left handers.


      Use three finger grip: Pointer, index and ring fingers and grip at first joint. Pinch the arrow with the pointer and middle finger. The ring finger is the anchor finger.

      Hold the bow like a bicycle handle when loading the arrow.  It should be turned sideways and facing the target. The string should be against forearm. Load the arrow on top of the string, notching in below the beaded notch on string. Odd feather faces up or out away from bow.

      Side faces the target to get a nice clean draw of the string. Use index finger of grip hand to lightly hold arrow in place. Straighten bow holding arm and draw string back to an anchor point such as chin, check, ear corner of mouth. Open fingers at the anchor point and release.


      Never dry fire a bow. This can damage the bow. Never shot up in the air.

      When loading the compound bow, the arrow goes on the single string closest to the body.

      The arrow should always be on the side closest to their body.


    The students below made it in the 2014 Bulls Eye Club at McKnight Elementary
    The students below made it in the 2015 Bulls Eye Club at McKnight Elementary
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