• Overview:


    FES library provides students and staff access to over 20,000 items. A variety of subscription databases, such as: PebbleGo, TrueFlix, World Book, and ACCESS PA/Power Library are accessible via the library website - from home or school. The library catalog, DestinyQuest, is also accessible via the library website.


    Students attend weekly library/computer classes taught by the librarian. Classes in first through fifth grades receive a report card grade at the end of each semester. Additional collaborative library/information technology lessons are delivered in conjunction with classroom teachers. Book exchanges, story times, Birthday Book Club, participation in FES Caldecott (Grades K-5), Battle of the Books (Grade 5), and other reading activities support the development of  literacy. The librarian is also responsible for the coordination of the elementary computer technology program, including integration, supervision of the adjoining computer lab, and staff in-service.


    Contact Information:
    Mrs. Koma
    Mrs. O'Neill
    Library Secretary
                                           KA  2C   3C   5C
                                           KB  3B   4B   5B
                                             KC  1B   2B   3A  4A  5A 
                                            1C  2A   4C  AS/LSS