• Each of you needs to take care of the following forms at the beginning of the season. People who turn in information late will be admitted to the team only if there is space in an event.  Returning members who do not take part in the beginning of the year task cannot compete during the current school year.

    • Infomation -  2020-2021 - ALL STUDENTS SHOULD FILL IN THIS FORM!!!
    • Dues for 2020-2021 - $240 (Checks made out to NASH).  See this document for information about buying out of judging / volunteering. Note that online competitions have made our judging expenses soar. We may need to do a fundraiser, and all students will be expected to participate! 
    • The school has an activities fee in addition to our dues - Click HERE for the link to the activity fee information letter. Must be paid by 9/27 at 3 pm. Note: The $25 Activity Fee needs to paid directly to your home building. Everything else comes to my room. Checks for this activity fee should be made out to your home building.
    • Constitution and Contract - The signed last page only - due on Volpe's desk by 9/27 at 3 pm. 

      If we are doing remote learning and coaching at the beginning of the year, alternate plans will be posted here.
    Essay information - see the info/deadlines here
    Read a description of categories
       To see two of our kids in the final round of nationals in duo interp (acting) 

    Here's what our alumni say...   


Last Modified on June 18, 2020