• Information you need for tournaments   

    Note: There are no documents that require you to ask permission to see. If you cannot get into a form / document, you need to sign onto a non-North Allegheny Google account.  Please do not request permission to use the google doc because that will be sent to an account that isn't monitored.
    Note: If you have any questions, please look at the FAQ page linked here 
    This is our expected Calendar for 2019-2020   (Don't print the calendar... Treat it as a liquid document that I will update often. You should always look at it the night before we have a tournament to see the bus times in case they have changed (Please do not email Volpe about bus times unless the info is not on the calendar)!!! 
    Did you volunteer-coach at the middle school? Fill out the form within a week or two of working.  
    The parent judging schedule will be sent to all parents once it is complete and then it will be posted. Please make changes by contacting other parents and making trades. Please email Volpe after you make your change so that she has the correct info.
    Practice Schedule - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless your event leader tells you otherwise
    New judges look here for information - ballots and handbook. Note - Regular tournaments aren't required to use any particular ballot. What you see here is just a sampling and may not actually be used at the tournament you attend - but it will be close!!!

    REMINDER TO NEW JUDGES - As you were told at the opening meeting, THESE CAN BE LONG DAYS and BRING STUFF TO DO.  Do not repeatedly go to the tab room to ask when the next rounds starts or "Can I go home?" They will announce when you can leave, and bothering the tab room staff is the number one reason that we start to run behind.  Again - BRING THINGS TO DO!!!
    National tournament information - this is from the officers and is not endorsed by the school. Email the officers / varsity competitors directly with questions on these events. The rules for the officers may change based on their experiences at the national tournaments.
    Retreat info re: Congress
    Click on the tiger for the blogs by Volpe from some past tournaments
    Photo stolen from an email that the zoo sent to me.


    New coaches to the district may look here for help

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