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    From 9/25

    DID YOU GET YOUR OUTFIT FOR THE HOMECOMING PARADE YET??? Again - parents, I'm counting on you.  Your kid may say "I'm not going to wear anything different!" BUT THEY ALWAYS END UP WANTING TO GET WAY INTO IT ON PARADE DAY!  So go look for (appropriate) Mardi Gras clothing See attached.  I have beads and masks for the kids to wear.  Purples and greens and golds!!! 

    Next - this week is bring a new person to practice week. If you bring a person who is interested in learning what we are all about, bring them to my room and I'll give you a reward (Don't get too excited. It's just a candy bar).  (Rules. New person who has never been to a practice and hasn't already signed up for the team. One person per new member).  

    Essay info is updated online for varsity members - See the corresponding page on my web site.
    For those who remember the "community day" performance that we did for young members of the district a couple of years ago, it's back! That's what returning drama members will do this year instead of the drama festival.  See the contact page online and email the interp event leaders if you want to be involved.
    I still need about six people to help with the homecoming tables. Let me know!
    Don't forget - Tuesday, October 4 - Full team at the high school at 6:30 pm for the VP debate viewing party.
    Don't forget - Parents need to attend a meeting on either 10/5 or 10/12.
    The calendar is updated online. Don't print it out!!! It's liquid!!!
    Sign up for USC is NOT up - It will be on Monday and the event leaders will show you on Monday how to sign up for a tournament!!!
    New parents - on the web site, there is a link to FAQ. Please get used to navigating the web site and take a look at these FAQs.  
    From 9/16 
    Yes! There is practice today! (We announced this at the meeting the other day)

    Many of our older kids are at Yale, but we still have enough older kids who can describe events and talk about what happens at practices and at tournaments.

    There are my notes from the meeting if you missed it - https://docs.google.com/document/d/18v1bJL_qcwNIvhDvCTqy7PCw9uLkhGEZaAFmc8SrcSU/edit?usp=sharing  

    The Calendar is posted. LOOK AT IT BUT DO NOT PRINT IT OUT. 

    EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE TEAM IS EXPECTED TO WALK IN THE PARADE on 9/30!!!  If you are able to play an instrument that is used in a jazz band, CONTACT KEVIN. (All email addresses are listed on the web page under weekly tournament information). PARENTS – I am counting on you to work on an outfit for your kids for this. See this link – lots of purple and green and gold. Be obnoxious.  We have bead necklaces and masks for them - http://www.partycity.com/images/products/en_us/gateways/mardi-gras-2016/directory-banner-mardi-gras-hats-slide-3.jpg

    We are NOT using a vehicle this year to pull a float.

    I also need someone who does gymnastics. Can any of you do flips?

    And kids can escape around from the parade at 7 pm.  I recommend that if you are not going to the game, you park in the lot for Whole Foods and have the kids walk to you after the parade so that you don’t have to deal with parking in the school lots!!!

    But look for the outfits to wear!!! LOOK FOR AN OUTFIT!!!

    Note: We WILL have “practice” after school that day.

    I do need a few volunteers to man some tables on the night of homecoming. Selling things.  Running our game. Cleaning up a little bit (with me) before you leave to go home after the parade.   Please email me if you are able to help with this!!!

    I also need a few older kids WHO ARE OUTGOING to help to run the program that we are going to have with the Bulgarians. Email me if interested. Remember that they are primarily interested in interp and OO (These positions have been filled as of 9/24!!)

    Look at your friends in your classes who are on the team and ask if they filled in the form for this year’s team. 

    Parents – some of your students registered with their NA emails. I need them to give me non-na emails!!!  Akkoneru;moonki_cho,arlenbelitsky

    Parents who want more than one parent to get these emails, please contact this other parent to see if this is happening.  With 15 of our kids, under the entry “2nd parent / guardian email” – kids gave me names and phone numbers instead of emails.

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