• Biotechnology and Bioethics 
    Intro to Biotechnology/Bioethics Notes

    Bioethics/Biotechnology Group Research Project

    15 points
    Due Date Tuesday 9/7/11


    Written Presentation of Topic: (8 points; 2-3 pages typed)


    ·        Brief Explanation of the Technology (2pts)

    ·        Pros/Cons clearly stated (2pts)

    ·        Interesting Applications – Examples in the News – Current events in the media (2pts)

    ·        Possibilities for the future;  Concerns for the future (1pt)

    ·        List of references (1pt) - give credit to any resource used for both paper/poster - see belowfor proper science format.



     Visual Presentation: Poster Project (7 points)



    ·        Informative – Definition/Description of assigned technology (2pts)

    ·        Objective: Pros/Cons equally presented (2pts)


    ·        Thought Provoking Advertisement? (1pt)

    ·        Interesting Artwork/Pictures/Color Scheme (1pt)

    ·        Neatness (1pt)

    For more info on citing scientific papers using
    CSE (council of science editors) format go to:
    Science Reference Lists

    Home page of a Web site:
    Begin with the author, whether an individual or an organization. Include the title of the home page (if it is different from the author’s name), followed in brackets by the word “Internet.” Provide the place of publication, the publisher (or the site’s sponsor), and the date of publication. Include the copyright date if no date of publication is given or if the publication date and the copyright date are different: 2010, c2009. Include in brackets the date the page was last modified or updated and the date you accessed the site: [modified 2009 Mar 14; cited 2010 Feb 3]. Use the phrase “Available from:” followed by the URL.


    American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy [Internet]. Milwaukee (WI): The Society; c2000-2010 [modified 2010 Jan 8; cited 2010 Jan 16]. Available from: http://www.asgt.org/.


    Helpful Information Links:
    The President's Council on Bioethics

    Bioethics Current Events

    National Institute of Health (NIH)

    American Journal of Bioethics

    Bioethics on Yahoo!


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