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    Course Description: This course stresses the mathematical and conceptual development of the following topics:  mechanics, electricity, magnetism, waves, sound and optics. Mathematical problem solving, including algebraic manipulation, systems of equations, trigonometric functions, logarithms, and graphical analysis are used extensively.  Laboratory exercises are included to enhance the development of concepts and data analysis techniques.  Honors physics is designed for the college bound student and for the student preparing for the Advanced Placement B and C level courses. This course meets 7 ½ periods each week.


    Required Materials:

    You are required* to purchase the following materials for this class:

    ·         A three-ring binder (for the large amount of supplemental material that you will be receiving, as well as for class work, homework, notes, and handouts)

    ·         Notebook paper

    ·         A scientific calculator (a TI-83 graphing calculator is ideal, but not required)

    These materials, along with a writing utensil, must be brought to class daily.

    *If you are unable to purchase these supplies, please see me.



    You will be evaluated on numerous items including, but not limited to, the following: class notes, homework assignments, problem worksheets, writing samples, quizzes, projects, supplemental assignments, in-class assignments, laboratory reports, examinations, and cumulative midterm and final examinations.  Point values for each item vary. Final grades will be calculated using a point system and based upon the school-wide grading scale:

    90-100%                       A

                                                    80-89%                        B

                                                    70-79%                        C

                                                    60-69%                        D

                                                    0-59%                          E


    The Importance of Attendance:

    Honors Physics is an intense course and it is imperative that you are in the classroom to actively participate in the learning process.  Copying someone else’s notes will give the day’s content material, but the learning experience cannot be conveyed in that fashion.  Frequent absenteeism can make a challenging course nearly impossible.  So please, do everything that you can to get to this class.


    Absences and Late Assignments:

    *All students are expected to complete assignments by their due dates*

    ·         Absences – You are responsible for getting any missed notes from a responsible classmate, and for making up any missed work.  If you are absent only on the day that an assignment is due, it is expected to be submitted upon your return.  Similarly, if you are absent only on the day a test is given, you must take the test upon your return.  Otherwise, for every day of excused absence, you are allowed one day to make up work without penalty, as per school policy.

    ·         Unless due to an excused absence from class, there will be no credit given for late assignments that are checked only for completion.   For all other assignments submitted one day late, half credit will be issued.  For assignments submitted more than one day late, no credit will be given.

    ·         Missed labs must be made up before the start of the school day and within three days of your absence.  When making up a lab, it is advised that you bring a partner who has already completed the lab to assist you if possible.


    Note:  Missing assignments are entered into the grade book as "zeros".  It is solely your responsibility to assure that any missed work due to absence is promptly completed and submitted.  Your instructor should not need to remind you to submit missed assignments.


    Additional Assistance:

    I encourage you to seek help when you need it.  I will be available during Homeroom, after school, and during my planning period in most cases.  If I know in advance that you are coming to see me, I will be happy to make time to assist you in any way that I can.  If you feel that you are beginning to fall behind, get help before it is too late!




    Classroom Code of Conduct


    As a student in physics, you are expected to







    Disciplinary action will be taken as necessary, in accordance with the school handbook.



    A Special Note about Electronic Devices:

    Modern technology is fantastic.  Through new developments in technology, our lives are filled with wonderful conveniences and means of entertainment and communication.  In addition, science and technology go hand in hand; I certainly do not underestimate the importance of either.  However, devices such as ipods, cell phones, and other similar items have no place in the classroom, where they are distracting and disrupting to the educational process.  Thus, in accordance with school policy, any such device in sight in the classroom will be confiscated and taken to the office at the end of the school day.


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