• Digestion: Starch Lab 
    Lab Write up due 4/16/2012 at midnight:
    These questions are to be answered in an email to BAllen@northallegheny.org , in paragraph form, and must be typed.
    1. What was the purpose of Iodine? What is a positive test for Starch? What is a negative test for Starch? Why does Iodine react with the compound and what compound does it react with?
    2. Why was it neccesary to chew the cracker for at least 5 minutes? Why was the sample of crushed saltine placed into the test tube for at least 5 minutes? What was the purpose of the test tube with water and cracker? Why was the reaction more visible in the test tube?
    3. How else could you test for glucose/starch?
Last Modified on April 11, 2012