• Thank you for your interest in the North Allegheny School District. The District requires all applicants to apply for positions through Frontline’s Recruiting & Hiring.

    The Application Process

    • Only contracted employees of the District are considered internal applicants. Long-Term Substitutes, Day-to-Day Substitutes, Temporary Employees, and Coaches are not contracted employees and should apply as external applicants.
    • The District does not accept hard copies of resumes or emails with hiring information attached. Only applications submitted through Frontline’s Recruiting & Hiring will be considered.
    • Valid clearances are not required to submit an application. However, a section is provided to upload such documents if they are available. Offers of employment are contingent on the candidate obtaining current clearance certifications. A valid PA state certification is a requirement for all teaching positions.
    • Applicants should not contact Human Resources to check the status of a submitted application or to discuss the status of available positions. Applicants will receive a confirmation email from the system stating that the application has been submitted.
    • Frontline’s Recruiting & Hiring files remain active for twelve months from the start of an application. Applicants can update their credentials and are encouraged to do so, as they receive relevant documents for the position, such as letters of recommendation or certifications from the state.
    • Positions are posted on a weekly basis throughout the year. By using Frontline’s Recruiting & Hiring, applicants can easily apply for additional positions as they become available.
    • The orange ‘apply’ button must be clicked for each Job Posting in which an applicant wants to apply. Files can also be sorted into "pools" and are considered each time the need for a position becomes available and is consistent with the areas of interest and credentials. “Pools” can be areas of certification (biology) or supplemental (soccer). Pools should not be confused with Job Postings.
    • Applicants should not contact our schools or the Human Resources Department directly to learn the status of an application. Applications are reviewed after the posting deadline following established processes.
    • Applicants will receive an electronic invitation through the system to schedule an interview, if selected. Applications are thoughtfully and carefully reviewed as a team, and selected candidates move through a series of interviews before recommendation of a final candidate and School Board approval.
    • After a final candidate has been approved by the School Board, candidates may be notified accordingly. This process does take time as each position is important and impactful. We thank you, in advance, for your patience as we find outstanding candidates to join our team at the North Allegheny School District.

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