• Engineering and Design
    Full Year/Full Time
    Grades 9, 10
    Credit 1.0

    In this course, students will develop solutions to given situations using problem-solving models. Activities will utilize Math and Science concepts combined with the operation of tools and machines to create hands-on based solutions. Students will research, design, prototype, manufacture, and test products that they have created themselves. Students will discover how to apply engineering design, scientific principles, and engineering analysis to solve structured and unstructured problems. Individual and team work will be emphasized through the design loop problem-solving process based on inputs, processes, output, and feedback. The class content will prepare students for the challenges of today and the future's dynamic world by promoting technological literacy, leadership, and problem-solving skills through spirited competition. Activities will include, but are not limited to Technology Student Association (TSA) and GOAL based events. 

Last Modified on August 26, 2013