• N. A. Star Party/Telescope Convention“Exploring the Night Sky”

    (Underwritten by the N.A. Foundation) 

    When: Friday, April 5, 2019 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 pm.  
    Where: Field between McKnight Elementary and N.A.I.
    Who: Dennis Morton and the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh (3ap.org) invite all North Allegheny students and their families to share the night sky.
    Why: A Schmidt-Cassegrain Meade Telescope LXD75 SC-8 has been purchased for the students at North Allegheny through a grant from the N.A. Foundation (www.northalleghenyfoundation.org).
    What to Bring: Yourself, eyes to view distant and faint objects, your curiosity, telescope big or small, binoculars for lunar observing, flashlight, warm clothes and hot cocoa. What else is going on? There will also be a basket raffle at the school that night so bring a few extra bucks and try to win a basket. In addition, McKnight will also be holding its family science night in the gym. Help yourself to any of these extra fun school events.
    During the North Allegheny Star Party we will be observing the Jupiter, Moon, Winter/Spring Constellations and will have discussions on light pollution. Telescopes will be set up on the sidewalk between McKnight Elementary and N.A.I. You do not need a telescope to attend, but students are welcome to bring their own to share with others.Amateur Astronomers from the A.A.A.P. will be available to share their knowledge and hobby with students. If it is raining or cloudy  the telescope section of the evening will be cancelled but please feel free to attend the science night and basket raffle at McKnight Elementary.Check the link below for more information on the N.A. Star Party. www.northallegheny.org- click McKnight Elementary School, Staff, Dennis Morton and Star Party.
    Special thanks to:
    • The N.A. Foundation for supporting the purchase of this wonderful instrument
    • Parent organizations at all schools
    • The N.A. teachers and staff
    • AAAP Members www.3ap.org
    • Fred Klein AAAP Member

    Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times. DRESS WARM! Walk!  When you are moving from telescope to telescope please take your time and do not run, push or shove.   Be careful around the telescopes.  Always ask permission from the person with the telescope.  Ask what are you going to see so they can inform you what you should look for. If you have a flashlight, try to keep them off when you approach the telescopes. Do not shine the light in someone's eyes. 

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