• Lesson Plans for Beginning String Students
       This is a list of lessons that are covered through the first year of the beginning string students.  Depending on group size and students I try to cover most of the Essential Elements 2000 Book I in the first year.  The pages that I refer to are in the book I for violin, viola, cello and bass.   Students can get play along tracks for the book at www.myeelibrary.com, type in this code in the front of their book or select “my child doesn’t have a code”, type in the 13 digit ISBN number from the back of the book and your child will have access to all the play along tracks in the book and more.   

        Here is a fantastic web site that goes into great detail on bow holds, left and right had techniques.   Check it out if you have time.  You can sign in under free registration or enter as a guest.  Every time you come back to this web site you can log in and view the information for free. www.violinmasterclass.com

    Meet with class to talk about room set up, classroom procedures, instrument rentals, instrument care, instrument placement and more
          *  First 2 Weeks - Schedules, meet with students, prepare instruments, make schedules..
    • Lesson 1- Open case, hold instrument, open strings, close case 

    • Lesson 2-  Books, reading open D/A on the staff, reading notes on the staff 

    • Lesson 3 -   Place left hand on the instrument with 3 steps to a nice hand position. 

    • Lesson 4 -  Playing notes on the D string with correct instrument and hand position.  What is a folk song? 

    • Lesson 5 -  Forming a tunnel with the right hand and laying notes on the D and A string. 

    • Lesson 6-  Notes on the A string and a D major scale.  

    • Lesson 7-  Students are assigned their first solo for class, Dreidel and reading notes without letters. Students may want to try a Halloween song Ghost of John 

    • Lesson 8 -   Play a solo, read notes without letters and practice the bow hold. 

    • Lesson 9 -  Reading more songs without letters. Talk about Mozart and bow hold.

    • Lesson 10-  Bow hold/Bowing open strings/Key Signature/ reading notes on the staff  

      Lesson 11-  Review bow hold/ play solo and bow open strings. 

    • Lesson 12-   Read notes, use bow and left hand together, orchestra music. 

    • Lesson 13- Play notes on the D and the A string with the left hand fingers and bow.

    • Lesson 14 -  Eighth  notes, tempo markings
    • Lesson 15- Eighth  notes, tempo markings and evaluation information Evaluation on "Buckeye Salute"
    • Orchestra music.  Check calendar for dates, times and more information.  
    • String assessment on Buckeye Salute Click here to see Evaluation 
    • Lesson 17  -  Half notes, Grandparents day, left hand pizz.
    • Lesson 18-   Left hand Pizz/ 4th finger on the D string.  (Big bow=Big sound)
    • Lesson 19-   Ode to Joy with bow and 4th finger 
    • Lesson 19 A- Review the 4th finger and start notes on the G string
    • Lesson 20-   The dot in music, Dotted rhythms and slur 
    • Lesson 23 - slurring on 2 different strings F Natural 
    • Lesson 23A The week of Spring Break work on orchestra music, proper bow use in orchestra songs, back to the basics review by reviewing the tie and slur.  Students will also have an opportunity to play a solo on their favorite song in the book.  Proper instrument care by taking some time to clean instrument 

      PSSA Test Play through Orchestra music with students that are able to have a lesson in the afternoon 
    • Lesson 24 - C Natural low 2nd finger. Beginning String Concert preparation 
    • Lesson 25 - Review the C natural and have students play solo on Spy Guy.  Introduce notes on the E string and the C string. Review orchestra  music and send home concert letters. 
    • Lesson 26- E string, C String and Advanced orchestra music.
    •  Lesson 27 B  -Concert music, concert review 
      Lesson 32 - Summer Music/Duet /Cripple Creek and Rocking Strings and try advanced orchestra music 
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