Voice Homework Ideas:
    It is extremely important to reward students for using good vocal behaviors and responses to therapy.  It is important to reward the child's good vocal behaviors not only for improving the voice but also to improve self esteem and motivation.  
    It is also important for the child to be reminded of their vocal success and to maintain their homework.  
    Here are some ideas:- 
    • The parent provide specific feedback when the student uses appropriate voice strategies.
    • Reward the child when using appropriate voice strategies.
    • Create a chart to record homework, vocal rest, good or bad vocal bahaviors, the amount of water  consumed, etc.
    • Ask the child to write a journal or diary about appropriate vocal use, if appropriate.
    • Put reminder signs around the house to help the child remember aspects of voice therapy. Change the reminders regularly so that the child does not get used to seeing them and no longer performs them. Changing the reminders may become a fun game for the child, that is, where is the reminder today?, what do I need to do  today?.  
      The reminders may be:-
      o  Helpful notes around the house 
      o  Create a computer screen saver (e.g. drink water!)
      o  Place musical note stickers or radio pictures around the house to remind the child to practice vocal
      o  Daily charts on the home fridge doors, school board to maintain voice techniques e.g. school water chart child drank 3 bottles of water today 
      o  Change the ring tone on the parent's phone. Whenever the phone rings, it will remind the child to practice a particular voice technique (E.g. Rock music - no screaming; Classical - talk gently, deep breaths).
      o  Give permission for a few people that the child works closely with the child to provide reminders when appropraite (e.g. close friends, family relatives).
    • If the child is embarrassed, work out a discrete reminder system (e.g. hand gesture)
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Last Modified on February 18, 2011