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    Snow Days/

    School is Closed

    School Is Closed

    Snow Day

    When school is closed, routines are different and that's OK. Can complete other activities at home such as folders, read books, or help around the house.
    Greetings  Greetings SS
    1.) Look  at the person and smile
    2.) Say "Hello ____"
    3.) Use hands to wave, shake, or high 5
    Respect  Respect SS
    1.) Be careful and thoughtful
    2.) Help others
    3.) Use kind words and gentle voice
    Dealing With Bullies Bullying SS

    1.)             Be nice to others. Treat them with respect

    2.)             If you see bullying, stick up for others! Help them!

    3.)             Include students who are left out! 

    4.)             If we know that someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school! 

    5.)             We will walk, stop, and tell! 

    Holidays Holidays SS N/A
    Waiting    Waiting SS N/A


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