• Lesson 1 Words
    Form- if you form something, you make it or shape it.
    Attention- if you pay attention, you listen or watch very carefully.
    Bothered- if you are bothered, you are upset or unhappy.
    Distance- if you are at a distance from someone or something, you are far away, not close.
    Perform- if you perform, you do something such as sing, dance, act, or read a poem for a group of people.
    Supportive- if you are supportive of someone, you help them believe they can do something.
    Lesson 2 Words
    Fright- if you feel fright, you are scared. 
    Cram- when you cram many things into something, you fill it with too much.
    Nearby- if something is nearby, it is close to you.
    Escape- to escape means to get away from someone or something.
    Strategy- if you have a strategy for something, you have a plan.
    Solution- if you have a solution to a problem, you know how to fix it.  You have an answer.
    Lesson 3 Words
    Sensed- if you sense something, you had a feeling about it before you were even told about it. 
    Memorize- if you memorize a poem, you learn it so you can say it without looking at the words.
    Especially- if something is especially important, it is very important. 
    Capacity- the capacity of something is the amount of space it has to hold things. 
    Haul- if you haul something, you use a lot of effort to move it from one place to another. 
    Proud- if you are proud, you feel very good about something you did or who you are. 
    Lesson 4 Words
    Considerate- a considerate person thinkgs about the feelings of others.   
    Unexpected- if something is unexpected, it is a surprise. 
    Politely- if you act politely, you show that you have good manners. 
    Pouted- if you pouted, you showed you were not happy by making a face. 
    Ambled- if if you ambled, you walked in a slow and relaxed manner. 
    Routine- if you follow a routine, you do the same things every time.

    Lesson 5 Words

    Horrible- something horrible is really bad and awful.   
    Invigorated- if you are invigorated, you feel full of energy. 
    Presented- if you presented something to a friend, you gave it to him or her.
    Aid- if you aid someone, you help them. 
    Persistent- if you are persistent, you keep trying and never give up. 
    Sweltering- if the temperature is sweltering, it is very hot and uncomfortable.  

    Lesson 6 Words

    Commotion- a commotion happens when a lot of people are running around making a lot of noise. 
    Muffle- when you muffle a sound, you cover it up so it is not so loud.
    Overflowing- if something is overflowing, it is pouring out of its usual space.
    Locate- if you try to locate something, you try to find it.
    Search- when you search for something, you look for it.
    Symbol- you can use a mark or picture called a symbol to stand for a word or an object.

    Lesson 7 Words

    Chorus-  A chorus is a group singing or saying something together
    Odor- If something has an odor, you can tell what it is by the way it smells.
    Shoved- If you shoved someone or something, you would push hard against that person or thing.
    Assemble- If you assemble something, you put all the pieces together.
    Consume- If you consume something, you completely use it up
    Enthusiastic- If you are enthusiastic about something, you really like it and are excited about it.

    Lesson 8 Words

    Applauded-  You clap your hands to show you liked what they did.
    Chatty- You really like to talk
    Gather- You bring them together in one place.
    Duty- A job you have to do.
    Envy- You want something someone else has.
    Resent- You feel that that person is being treated better, or more fairly, than you are.

    Lesson 9 Words

    Claimed- if you claim something, you say it is yours. 
    Dine- saying that you dine is a fancy way of talking about eating.
    Groaned- a person who groans makes a deep sound to show unhappiness.
    Lesson 10 Words
    Ashamed- if you are ashamed, you feel bad about having done something wrong. 
    Mused- if you mused about something, you were thinking about it.
    Soared- if you soared, you flew very high in the air.
    Athletic- an athletic person is active, strong, and able to play sports well.
    Awkward- if you are awkward, you move in a clumsy, rough way.
    Superb- if something is superb, it is the best it can be, or excellent.
    Lesson 11 Words
    Nuzzled- if an animal nuzzled against you, it would be rubbing you with its face or nose. 
    Pranced- if you pranced around, you would be walking in a bouncy, springy way, like a horse.
    Raging- when something is raging, it is happening in a strong or out-of-control way.
    Adapt- if an animal adapts to a place, it has body parts or ways of acting that help it live there.
    Intriguing- if you think something is intriguing, you are curious about it and very interested in it.
    Inhabit- if you inhabit a place, you live there.