• Paw     Paw    Paw

    1. Put the words in abc order.
    2. Write a story using as many words as you can from your spelling list.
    3. Write each spelling word 5 times.
    4. Use scrabble tiles to spell the words.
    5. Make a mini dictionary with word, picture, and meaning.
    6. Make riddles with the spelling words as the answers.
    7. Find spelling words in a dictionary and write their meaning.
    8. Make spelling flash cards.
    9. Divide words into syllables.
    10. Write a silly sentence using as many spelling words as you can.
    11. Cut letters from magazines to spell the words.
    12. Have a family member print the spelling words leaving out the vowels. Then fill in the vowels.
    13. Take a practice test.
    14. Make a word search.
    15. Write spelling words by scrambling the letters, then unscramble them.
    16. Write a sentence for each word.
    17. Write each spelling word on two index cards and play a game of concentration.


Last Modified on July 14, 2015