• North Allegheny Students Win 2016 National Scholastic Art Awards

    Posted by Michael S. Bockoven on 5/5/2016
    Congratulations goes to five North Allegheny students have earned national recognition in the The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2016. These students have been identified by panels of creative professionals as the most talented young artists in the nation. This year, 320,000 works of art and writing were submitted to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards nationally and from around the world. Only the top 1% were recognized on the national level.
    An awards ceremony for invited award winners will take place at the world-famous Carnegie Hall on Thursday, June 2. The Carnegie Hall Ceremony will also be webcast live at 6PM ET. Learn more at artandwriting.org.
    Congratulations to the following students: 
     Leonardo Lupidi (NASH)
    Hanged Men
    Hanged Men (Drawing
    Gold Medal 2016
    Symbiotic (Digital Art)
    Silver Medal 2016
    Emma Kiley (NASH)
    In Pursuit of a Dream (Mixed Media)
    Silver Medal 2016
    Venessa Anthony (NAI)
    Collateral Damage (Painting)
    Gold Medal 2016
    Thalia Driscoll (NAI)
    Personal Vision  
    Personal Vision (Drawing)
    Gold Medal 2016
    Serena Yan (NAI)
    Lost in Thought  
    Lost in Thought (Painting)
    Silver Medal 2016
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  • North Allegheny Students Honored at 2016 Pittsburgh Region Scholastic Art Awards

    Posted by Michael S. Bockoven on 2/20/2016 2:00:00 PM
    Congratulations to North Allegheny students who were recently honored at the 2016 Pittsburgh Region Scholastic Art Awards. Artwork was on display at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) North Campus from February 6-20, 2016. An award ceremony for honorees took place on Februrary 20.
    Across the Pittsburgh Region, approximately 1,996 works were entered this year into the Pittsburgh Art Region of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Of the artworks that were accepted into the show, 276 represented the talented students at North Allegheny. Recipients of Gold Keys on the regional level have their work moved on to national adjudication. For these young artists, this is a remarkable achievement and a great honor!
    Click here to learn more about the district's involvement with the Scholastic Art Awards. Congratulations again to all of the winners! 
    G = Gold Key; S = Silver Key; H = Honorable Mention; () = More than One of Particular Award 
    Anthony Antalis H(2)
    Akash Bansal S, H
    Anastasia Baranova H(2)
    Anna Baum G, S(2), H
    Devin Bluemling S, H(3)
    Mary Brooks S
    Anjelica Calle G, H
    Connor Caruso S(3), H(2)
    Nathaniel Chen G(3), S(4), H(2)
    Sravanthi Chintakunta H(2)
    Amanda Chrise S
    Victoria Clune H 
    Chloe Coltharp G
    Asha Dasari H(2)
    Angella DiPasquale G
    Casey Ferrara G, S, H(2)
    Leah Fulton S
    Olivia Gill G, S(2), H
    Jacinda Gilmore S, H
    Sarah Hartley H
    Sean Higgins S(3), H
    Brooke Himmelstein H(2)
    Caroline Huang G, S(5), H(4)
    Alexa Hueston H
    Anna Iouchmanov S  
    Jenna Izydore S
    Madelyn Jack S, H(2)
    Grace Jin S, H(2)
    Emma Kiley G
    Eric Klinger S
    Nick Koehler G(3), S(2), H(3)
    Gage Koontz G, H(2)
    Robert Kotler S, H
    Alexandra Kotrick H(3)
    Jenny Kraynik S(2), H(2)
    Alexis Kruth H(2)
    Lauren Lesniak H(3)
    Natalie Lewis H
    Gwen Lindberg H
    Leonardo Lupidi G(9), S(6), H(5)
    Dana Mace S, H
    Zeynep Marasli H
    Sam Marzula G(4), S(5), S(2)
    Wyatt MacGeary H(2)
    Zain Mehdi H
    Maddie Mianzo H
    Alyssa Negri H
    Sara Nill S(2), H(2)
    Yunjin Park S
    Mackenzie Pelo H
    Sarita Pergal H(2)
    Sammi Rapp G
    Lauren Rogus S, H(2)
    Victoria Rombach S
    Eliza Ross G(2), S, H(2)
    Bethany Schaelchlin G(3), S, H(2)
    Caleb Schaelchlin H
    Anushka Shah S
    Alyssa Snavely S(2), H
    Matthew Struk H
    Lily Stuijfzand H
    Phillip Thomas S
    Christina Wang S
    Elizabeth Wang G(5), S(4)
    Tristan West H
    Will White G
    Allison Williams G
    Haley Zaleski H
    Alyssa Zangaro G 
    Katherine Ambrose S, H
    Rebecca Brown G
    Tori Campbell G
    Reilly Deller S(2), H(2)
    Jemma Downey S
    Thalia Driscoll G
    Zoey Dudek H
    Cara Garland S, H
    Brooke Gauntner S
    Samantha Gooch H
    Nicholas Hall H
    Christopher Hallen S, H
    Naomi Heistand G
    Blake Hornish S
    Sabastian Immonen G, S(2), H
    Madalyn Jamison S
    Kelly Kim G, S(4), H(3)
    Vittoria LaRosa G, S, H
    Susie Lawless G
    Kaitlyn Lawrence S, H
    Samantha Maurer S
    Izebel Peterson H
    Luke Pieton S
    Haley Pindell S
    Vivienne Pongrace H
     Alexandra Pultorak S
    Celia Radock G
    Yichuan Shi G(2), S
    Hayley Simon G
    Jayne Simon S
    Jessica Smith H(2)
    Madelynn Stibbard S, H
    Marlee Tomera G, H
    Rebecca Wettergreen H
    Olivia Whitacre H
    Serena Yan G(2), S, H
    Gloria Ye H
    Makayla Eich H
    Yunshu Li H
    Caroline Lucas H
    Abbey Schmitt S
    Aleni Antalis S
    Rachel Bina S, H 
    Nicole DelVecchio G
    Daphne Nie G, S(2)
    Megan Benvenuto G
    Ana Granite H
    Angela Guo G
    Megan Hendricks G, H
    Olivia Jordan H
    Zehra Medhi S, H
    Varun Ragupathy G
    Claire Shao S(2) 
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  • 2015 Middle School Open House Art Displays

    Posted by Michael S. Bockoven on 9/18/2015

    North Allegheny's three middle schools opened their doors to parents for their annual Open Houses on September 15, 2015. Each building showcased artwork completed by students in the first few weeks of the school year. In the gallery below, you will see some photographs from each building's display.



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  • 2015 Northland Library Elementary Art Show

    Posted by Michael S. Bockoven on 5/29/2015

    Elementary student artwork from all elementary schools across the district were displayed at Northland Library during the Month of May 2015.


    2015 Northland Library Art Show


    Click here to view the web gallery for this show.


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