Grade 6 Science – General Science

    Students begin the course with a review of how scientists solve problems using the scientific method. Then they study how scientists use the SI system to measure length, volume, mass, temperature, and time. In a chemistry unit, students are introduced to atoms, elements, and the periodic table.  They study the states of matter ,physical and chemical properties, and how they change. In a physics unit, students are introduced to motion, momentum, and acceleration.  They will study Newton’s laws of motion, energy, and how energy transforms. In the final unit of Agriculture, students will study natural resources, agriculture specific to PA and integrated pest management.

    Grade 7 Science - Life Science: The Study of Living Things

    Life science introduces the students to selected topics in biology.  Students begin with the characteristics and classification of living things.  A unit on cells consists of cell structures and functions.  Students learn the basics of heredity in the genetics Unit.  The six kingdoms of living things are compared and contrasted. A human body unit investigates three vital body systems. A unit one cology emphasizes the relationships of living things with their environment.

    Grade 8 Science – Earth and Space Science
    This program offers students an opportunity to explore the disciplines of Astronomy, Geology, and Meteorology. The course is based on the concept that students “learn by doing.” Life on Earth is tied by amazing interrelationships to the oceans, minerals and rocks, the process of weathering and erosion, and the supply of natural resources. It is important for students to relate this information to current concern for ecology and energy conservation. The student applies graphing with its interpretations, map reading, and math manipulations to the discovery of patterns that describe these relationships. The practical applications of information learned are reinforced throughout the entire course of study so that students can better cope with their changing world.