• The Green Team is a club that does activities with plants and soil. Green Team's main project is the IMS School Garden, both during the school year and over the summer. The construction of the IMS Garden was funded by a $10,000 grant from Highmark.  The Green Team raises funds for ongoing operations by growing and selling garden plants at our annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale.  Produce from the IMS garden is occasionally harvested for use by the Family and Consumer Science classes for their kitchen lab activities. The goal of the Green Team is to be “Healthy for Life”  and we love having parents and community organizations, like the Ingomar Garden Club, help out and teach the students more about how to Go Green!

    Grades: 6th - 8th

    Fees/Expenses: determined by the activity – typically no cost will be involved

    When: 2 activity periods per month in the Fall/Spring and occasionally in the Winter, and you can volunteer 1 day per week over the summer as necessary for garden maintenance

    Where: room 201 or outside in the garden, other campus locations as necessary

    Sponsor: Mr. Heath Gamaché