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        Name: Miss Backauskas
         Grade(s): Seventh/Eighth
         Room Number(s): 206/102
         Subject(s): Ancient History/ US History
        Building Phone: 412-348-1470
        7th Grade Online Text
        Username: NA(students number)
        Password: student number
        8th Grade Online Text
        Username: NA+student number 
        Password: tigers1
    Classes: 7th Grade Ancient World History (periods 2, 3, and 10) 
    and 8th Grade U.S. History (periods 1 and 6/7)
    District Activities I Sponsor/Coach: National Academic League 
    - Graduated from Mt. Lebanon 1986, PITT: BA Psychology 1991 and MAT 1995
    - Began as an NA teacher in 1997
    - NA resident since 2005 
Last Modified on September 14, 2016