• Name: Mr. Josh Krawchyk
    Grade(s): 8th
    Room Number(s): 169, 170
    Subject(s): Technology Education
    Building Phone: (412) 369-5520

    NOTE: After Tuesday, Sept. 6th all homework assignments will be posted on Blackboard.  To view homework assignments, click on the link below.  Students should sign in and select the specific class they want to view then click "Calendar".
    Courses Taught:
    8th Grade - The eighth grade technology education
    course lasts for 12 weeks. Students study
    manufacturing, product design and development,
    cost analysis, and marketing principles.  Engineering
    drawings are produced and cost analyses are
    generated using spreadsheets. Calculations,
    drawings, and designs are generated using computer
    aided methods. In the manufacturing lab, students
    set up and run a manufacturing facility to mass
    produce the products that they have engineered.
    This objective is accomplished through cooperative
    learning work groups.  Emphasis is placed on
    quality control, production processes, evaluation of
    feedback, recognition of technological problems,
    and developing alternative solutions.
    Biography:  I received my Bachelor's degree from California University of Pennsylvania in 2004.  In 2008 I attained my Master's degree from Robert Morris University in the area of Instructional Leadership along with a Media Specialist Certificate.
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