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    Ms. Katherine M. Krivak 
    Email: kkrivak@northallegheny.org

    Mrs. Natalie Gottron
    Administrative Assistant for Principal
    Email: ngottron@northallegheny.org

    Dr. William McGahee 
    Assistant Principal
    Email: wmcgahee@northallegheny.org

    Mrs. Barbara Gaertner
    Administrative Assistant for Assistant Principal
    Email: bgaertner@northallegheny.org


    Welcome to Carson Middle School! As we begin another school year, we look forward to the exciting challenges and growth opportunities for our students, parents, and staff members. Our goal is to make Carson Middle School "Someplace Special" for every member of this school's community. The Student/Parent Handbook is prepared to serve as a valuable resource for you. Please take a few moments to review the information contained within the handbook to ensure you are aware of the policies and procedures established here at CMS designed to maximize our effectiveness.

    Students will be challenged to work hard in developing their academic and social skills. We believe there are strong correlations between effort, attitude, and success. The handbook will serve as a tool to guide students and parents in identifying the resources available through North Allegheny School District, and describing the prodedures and policies that are in place to support all learners.

    The staff at Carson Middle School is committed to serving the students and parents of this community. Academic and social lessons are designed to engage students and prepare them for the challenges of high school and beyond. Open communication between staff members, parents, and students will ensure all stakeholders are working collaboratively towards the common goal of students' academic and social successes. As always, it is this combined effort between students, teachers, and parents that makes Carson Middle School, "Someplace Special." We are looking forward to a great school year and know that working together will ensure a successful school experience for your child.

    Ms. Katherine M. Krivak 
    Dr. William McGahee
    Assistant Principal

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