• Welcome to 1Copasetic Classstars

    Ms. Mays
    Grade: First
    Room Number: 115
    Subjects: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Speaking, Listening, Math, Science, Social Studies
    Building Phone: 724.935.4044
     Ms. Mays
    Biography: Grade Level Facilitator, National Board Certified Teacher, M.A.T. University of Pittsburgh, B.A. University of Kansas, A.A. Cottey College 
    Born and raised in Iowa

           6 - 12 Ticonderoga pencils (name or initials on each)      

           24 crayons (name or initials on EACH crayon)

    ·      8-12 watercolor markers (name or initials on EACH marker)

    ·      24 erasable colored pencils (name or initials on EACH pencil)

    ·      2 pink erasers (name or initials on EACH eraser)

    ·      2 highlighters (name on each)

    ·     4 black EXPO dry erase markers (yes, names)

    ·      glue bottle (here, too)

    ·      a few glue sticks (don’t forget name)

    ·      one 2-pocket folder  (of course name – on the outside please)

           ear buds (for individual listening on an iPad)
           stylus (for iPad)
           NO binders

    As you can see, I have requested your child’s name or initial on each and every item.  So Grab a Sharpie and Save 1C’s Sanity! Then place crayons, markers and colored pencils in different baggies (the boxes are quickly destroyed). Your time spent marking each item with a sharpie will save countless minutes throughout the year as we pick up items off the floor, as I return pencils after I sharpen them and, eliminate controversies. I thank you ahead of time!

    PICTURE DAY  Thur., Sept. 9
    NO SCHOOL  Mon., Sept. 5
    CURRICULUM NIGHT Mon., Sept. 12 from 6:30 - 8:30 (adults only) 
    BACK TO SCHOOL SOCIAL Mon., Sept. 19  from 6-8
     NO SCHOOL Mon., Oct. 10 
    PICTURE MAKEUP Fri., Oct. 14
    NO SCHOOL Fri., Oct. 29
    HALLOWEEN PARADE Mon., Oct. 31 at 2:15 
    REPORT CARDS AVAILABLE  on line  Fri., Nov. 4
    CONFERENCES - NO SCHOOL  Mon. - Tues., Nov., 7-8
    COGAT TESTING Mon. - Fri., Nov. 14 - 18
    THANKSGIVING BREAK Nov., 24 - 28
    WINTER PARTY Tues., Dec. 23
    WINTER BREAK  Dec. 26- Jan. 5
    NO SCHOOL  Mon., Jan. 16
    END OF 2nd 9 WKS Thurs., Jan. 26
    NO SCHOOL Fri., Jan. 27
    REPORT CARDS AVAILABLE on line Mon., Feb. 6
    VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY Tues.,  Feb., 14
    END OF 3rd 9 WKS Thur., Mar. 30 
    NO SCHOOL Fri., Mar. 31
    REPORT CARDS AVAILABLE on line Tue., Apr. 11 

    SPRING BREAK Fri. - Mon., Apr. 15 - 17
    NO SCHOOL Mon., May 29 
    FIELD DAY Fri., June 2 
    LAST DAY Thur., June 9
Last Modified on August 28, 2018