• Gifted Education Program

    Ahlam Weidman
    Gifted Support Secretary
    Email: aweidman@northallegheny.org
    Phone: 412-635-4130
    Fax: 412-635-4114

    General Information

    North Allegheny’s Gifted Education Program reflects and extends our mission statement to appropriately challenge and prepare our advanced learners to live productively in our changing society. While providing enrichment and a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, the gifted education program encourages the individual learner to develop personal responsibility, task commitment, self-discipline, independent learning skills, respectful conduct, and social/emotional balance.

    The development of critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, and creativity is shared collaboratively among the gifted learner, the parents, and the North Allegheny educational community.

    Screening and Identification Process for Gifted Students