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    Tara Hagerman

    Email: thagerman@northallegheny.org
    Grade: K-5
    Subject: Art
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    Hello and welcome to Art at North Allegheny Cyber Academy!  I am Mrs. Hagerman and this will be my 6th year teaching in North Allegheny, and my 15th year teaching overall. This year I will be providing art instruction to students k-5 in NACA, along with Ms. Jackson. 
    Each week Ms. Jackson and I will be posting an "asynchronous" lesson in blackboard for students to complete and they will have until Friday at 4 to finish their work for that week. The asynchronous work will most likely include a video with instructions on how to complete their work.  Remember, this is ART, not math!  Even though we are showing how to complete the steps of a project, it's important to still be creative and make your artwork YOURS! One of the trickiest parts of this year is not being able to see all of the artwork your classmates are doing and how differently everyone's work can and should look! Be original, be creative... be YOU!
    We will also be hosting live sessions each week, so please be sure to check your student's schedule to log on at the correct time.  This live session is a great time to ask questions about the asynchronous work, and might also include an activity, read aloud, or more information on the asynchronous work for the week, or even what to expect the following week.
    All of the information on live sessions, asynchronous work, and what our objectives are that week will be posted in our grade level weekly agenda within blackboard- it should be your "one stop shop" for art!
    Please understand that we are just as new to NACA as you are- even though it's my fifteenth year of teaching, it feels like my first!  As we go through the first few weeks, we will most likely find some things work better than others and there will be some adjustments. Just know we are working hard to provide the best art education we can in a whole new way!
    Lastly, please check the supply list tab for a list of recommended supplies to have at home.  Thank you for your support as we embark on this new adventure!