• Office of Assets, Contracts and Purchasing
    Purchasing Manager: Jaimie Nichols 
    Building: Transportation Department
    Phone: (412) 369-5440
    Welcome to the Office of Assets, Contracts and Purchasing.  

    The mission of the Office of Assets, Contracts and Purchasing is to support the educational process of the North Allegheny School District by securing pricing, delivery, and terms for all goods and services in the best interest of the School District while maintaining a high level of accountability, to maintain an accurate inventory of all equipment and furniture purchased, moved, or disposed of in the School District, to ensure quality delivery services for the School District, to ensure students are served healthy meals at a fair price, and to ensure that all requests for copies are fulfilled and that photocopier equipment is in working order.

      This Office is responsible for the following:
    • Tracking the addition, movement and disposal of all District-owned assets.
    • Moving and delivery of items between the schools in a time and cost-effective manner.
    • Coordinating, preparing and executing bids and RFP's.
    • Managing contracts including, but not limited to: food service, contracted transportation,  and beverage vending.
    • Monitoring and approving purchase orders, ensuring all purchases are compliant with State guidelines. 

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